latest work 3 of 3 videos: ocean blue & sand punta cana dr

the last video of ocean hotels, ocean blue & sand, in punta cana is complete. situated in the dominican republic, one of the most beautiful islands of the caribbean because of its natural beauty, its people, music, and joy of life. i had the opportunity to visit this island many times and every time it keeps impressing me more. after completing the filming of the video i drove around the island from punta cana to santo domingo, then to terrenas in the north east and ended in cabarete. cabarete is the surfing mecca of the caribbean, with trade winds in the afternoon much like maui and swells so large in the winter that you may think you are in the north shore of hawaii. in the mourning you can wake up and go surfing with crystal clear waters and in the afternoon you can windsurf or kite surf till dawn. at the beginning of the video you can see some footage of punta cana, i hope you enjoy this video as much as enjoyed making it in this wonderful island so dear to me.

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latest work 1 of 3 videos: ocean coral & turquesa riviera maya

my latest work are three short videos for the spanish hotel chain ocean by h10 in mexico and the dominican republic. we worked with panasonic hpx 170 which delivers really good hd quality with an all digital workflow… no more tapes and time consuming captures on hard disks. digital recoding is changing the way we see things every year leaving more room and time for creativity, editing, and pos production. we also used the canon eos 5d to get a good depth of field and we were really surprised by the quality of the video!!! wow!!! the only downside is that this camera is so small that you either need to set it on a tripod or have a stabilizer for moving shots. enough with the technical stuff that i can go on forever (i love it…), but the goal of these videos is to capture the emotions, the colors, the ocean, the lifestyle of the place, i hope we have achieved that… this is the first of three videos from mexico and the dominican republic, enjoy…

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live high

for the past few months i have been working on three short videos for the spanish hotel chain h10 in mexico and the dominican republic and will soon post them. the best part is always when i get to film the aerial footage, it is here where you see how small we really are… i shot this footage in mexico’s rivera maya and the dominican republic with a panasonic hpx 170. in mexico it is one of the few areas that has not been built for some reason and maintains its natural beauty, the rest of the riviera maya has been built up so much in the past few years that it is becoming hard to find places like this. i have always dreamt since i was a kid to fly, to live high, this is the closest i can get when i am not dreaming…  live high, love is in the air…

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