antonio bandera’s portrait

got the chance to photograph antonio banderas in between interviews and press conferences at iberostar cancun’s opening this past week. i have been following his movies since he started in pedro almodóvar’s film “laberinto de pasiones” in 1982. not only an actor, now he is an ambassador for the united nations development program. a great person, humble, and kind, a good man indeed!!

antonio banderas portrait session @iberostar cancun opening ©

behind the scenes: helicopter shoot mexico

one of the most important aspects of shooting aerials is weather. i had to postpone once but delayed this shoot for more than a week because it was too windy (good for me to go windsurf), cloudy, or the ocean had too big of a swell (good for me to go surfing), but finally last thursday it was all good to fly. this helicopter, bell 206 ranger, apparently has more power than the one i was used to fly, robinson, specially in tight turns but honestly i did not feel much of a difference in flight but way more difference in cost… the good thing though is that the cockpit is bigger which is good if you have to make photos and video and have to bring more equipment. for this shoot i used the sony fs100 with a nikon 14-24mm lens, the 8ks gyro stabilizer from kenyon labs, and for photos the hasselblad h4d50. the shoot was for a new hotel in the cancun, so we did a lot o approaching and looping shots. in this photo you can see me holding the camera with two bungees to help me get the weight off and then the stabilizer does the rest of the job, it worked out pretty well. on my left is my assistant cameraman gabriel guerrero which managed to shoot a behind the scene video with a go pro camera that i will post soon, and of course the courageous captain that did all the miami vice loops and managed to scared a 3 meter alligator with the tail of the helicopter… now this is pure mexican machismo lol

helicopter shoot with sony fs100, nikon 14-24mm f2.8, gyro from klab & hasselblad ©


starry nights @tulum

short time-lapse from a weekend in magic tulum. look how small we are… we are a tiny tiny tiny fraction of that… we are all star stuff!!

tulum's starry night ©

give me any excuse to fly…

the winds blew for days
all alone in the vast waters
all i need is an excuse to fly…
@pumarola point, riviera maya mexico