“el paraíso en la otra esquina” . tahiti

when mario vargas llosa wrote “el paraíso en la otra esquina” (paradise in the other corner) he described paul gauguin’s life submerged in paradise escaping the life of the bourgeois to devote his life to his belief and his art. this book had a big impact on me when i red it a couple of years ago because it was a time when i was working as an architect on the 17th floor of a lexington new york’s firm and all i could see from the window was a man made concrete world down below… i wanted to see paradise as gauguin did, so my search began… years later i ended up in tahiti and wanting to recreate that paradise that was stuck in my head i set the task to go search for places i could photograph. this photo below is in one of the most beautiful places i have seen, away from it all and so close to everything… a place called haapiti in the island of moorea. reality is not what you imagine it to be, as paul gauguin saw when he searched for paradise and found a colonized tahiti, but what he gave us was his vision of paradise the same way i share with you mine today.

tahitian beauty . haapiti's outer reefs . moorea . tahiti

day of all saints . november 1st

every 1st of november a folkloric horse race takes place hidden in the cuchumatanes mountain range in todos santos guatemala to venerate the day of all saints, or as we know it the day of the dead. this photo was taken from a near by hill to protect myself from the dust that filled the air from the horses when they passed by. even then my camera was completely covered in dust and was shooting blindly because my eyes where all red, but i managed to get this shot that i really like. it is beautiful to see a culture that celebrates death as a passage to another life, as a celebration to a new beginning not to an end.

the race on the day of all saints. todos santos cuchumatanes, guatemala
todos santos cuchumatanes, guatemala

richardkohler.com website update: lifestyle

the dominican republic for me is one of the most beautiful places to shoot, not just because of the place but because of its people. whatever you want to do is possible and if you play some bachata music (a dance rhythm that originated in the dominican republic) everybody just starts dancing with a big smile. these photos were a lot of fun to do and i just added them to the lifestyle portfolio on my website along with others. more updates coming soon!

fabrine punta cana palms
punta cana lifestyle photo shoot

richardkohler.com website update: publications

getting published is a great satisfaction! sometimes you don’t even see where your photos end up because keeping track of your clients publications is hard enough, but when you come across a copy of your work one can see where all the effort and hard work went to. if i could only tell the stories behind each photo i could write a book, but that’s what so fascinating about being a photographer a filmmaker or an artist, your life revolves around stories that make up an image, a film, or art…  and this is what is all about… about having fun and enjoying the process in whatever you do in life…to view the photos click on the image. mahalo

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