tools of the trade: sony fs100

i am not fond of talking about technology even though i spend countless hours doing research for the best tools for my work. i like quality period. my belief is that your equipment should not interfere with the creative process, it should just compliment it and work! for this to happen you need to find the right tools for the work you do. in this case i found this amazing little box called sony fs100. the images out of this box are so great that it rivals expensive camcorders at a fraction of the cost. with the atomos ninja attached to the hdmi you can record 4:2:2 uncompressed video (that’s raw to photographers), this means a lot of latitude for pos production! i was never a dslr video fan, it just felt wrong to do video with a camera that i am so used to take photos with, i kept pressing the shutter to hear the click… you can go to many review pages for this camera and hear all the specs and details, i just like it because it just works, the images are beautiful, and it leaves me more time to create and explore. to see the beauty of this camera i shot several clips to view the results out of the box. the first is in front of my apartment in mexico where you can see the construction workers just about to pour concrete into a column on the fourth floor (slow mo setting from the camera), then some clips from my recent trip to florida. now is time for my imagination to go wild… shorts coming soon!

click on the image to see the video

sony fs100 . atomos ninja . redrock mount . gitzo head . mtf service adapter . nikon 14-24 2.8